Saturday, December 22

Happy Winter Solstice!

My family has been in a year-long journey of finding a new house and hopping around the Durham, NC area, so in the meantime most of our stuff has been hidden away in storage. Christmastime, then, (or 'Kissmas' as Sadie calls it) hasn't been full of the usual traditions and vintage decorations, but I'm loving the makeshift celebrations we've been exploring to compensate.

Today, for instance, we decorated our first real tree! Having a real tree, and not our usual re-usable one, has always been a dream of mine. We decided to celebrate the winter solstice like Little Bear does and decorated our tree outside with edible snacks for birds and squirrels. My fingers are a little red from getting poked by pinecones, but I'd say it's definitely been worth it! Hopefully soon I'll have photos of our woodland neighbors enjoying their Christmas dinners. :)

Enjoy your traditions this year, and maybe try adding a new one to your list! 

love, rudi

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