Wednesday, December 12

Stop Being Busy

Fox on the Run

I'd say that I've learned two really big life skills during my time here at Stephens.

The first is how to work hard. My first year at Stephens I was an always-working, in-the-shop, up-til-three theatre major, and these past two years I've been a never-stop-thinking, late-night-labbing, always-problem-solving graphic designer.  Stephens women as a rule seem to never be satisfied having an open spot in their schedules- we're notorious busier-than-you's. When I think about the amount of work I've produced in just two and a half years, my head spins. The meaning of 'busy' has been completely redefined for me.

This leads me to the second life lesson, which is how to be un-busy. It's more than just browsing Facebook or sitting around Stamper for an extra hour- intentionally and deliberately relaxing is a whole different genre. It's the difference between procrastinating (read: wasting time) and doing something intentionally nice for yourself before starting up on those website design edits. I always used to think that if you weren't constantly working, you weren't doing a good enough job. Now, though, I can honestly say that I have personally stopped the glorification of busy.

love, rudi

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  1. It's very cool that you learned these lessons now, as opposed to waiting until your 40s, with less time to enjoy your newfound knowledge. Take care, you are missed tremendously! Paducah


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